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Super Foods Pvt. Ltd. entered in business in 1996 under the name of Super Rice Mills Pvt. Ltd. which is now well known as Super Foods. Since then it has been treating every milestone achieved as a stepping stone to go past another one. Super Foods Pvt. Ltd. has involved in multiple businesses for 2 decades like Processing of Pink Himalayan Natural Salt, Natural Spices, and most of the important Producing of the world's Famous Basmati Rice. Since then it has been treating every milestone achieved as a stepping stone to go past another one.

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Super Rice Mills PVT LTD. Commenced business in 1996 which is now renowned as Super Foods. Since then it has been treating every milestone achieved as a stepping stone to go past another. We are located in heart of the land of five rivers “PUNJAB” in which for centuries the famous “Pakistani Basmati Rice” is growing and perfected in the magical climate and the soil of Punjab irrigation by “Snow” fed water Himalayas and an aging process give this rice its heavenly aroma, flavor, and taste.


Why Chose us

Super Foods Pvt. Ltd. has started in 1996. We have formulated our thoughts with the passage of time. Gain expertise in fulfillment of market demands, created huge man force to meet customers requirements and quality of our products

Superior Quality

With a positive mindset and huge manpower, we can maintain quality with efficiency & perfection.  Our quality control department is well equipped with the latest technology to provide extra vigilant quality assurance services to our customers.

Efficient Order Processing

The strength of our team is timely fulfillment. This key factor makes us prevailed over others. We have in house team to make sure all deliveries are made at right time to the right place.

Market Competitive Prices

Super Food Pvt Ltd. is moreover focused on customer satisfaction. We are passionate to work for a long time with its loyal customers by providing efficient services and market competitive prices.



Our Products

Bakamal Basmati Rice

The perfect blend of beauty, taste and aroma of our basmati rice gives you all pleasures and worth buying of it. You won’t deny its passion because of its color and long grains.

Bakamal None Basmati Rice

Non-basmati rice of our farms are not ordinary as you think. They are worthwhile and aortic as there having beautiful shape and large size. Checkout more of our categories through link.

Bakamal Spices

Pakistan is among the best spice producers in the world. Superfood is contributing its share in spice export all over the world. For high-quality spices visit to explore more from this button.

Pink Himalayan Edible Fine salt

Pink Himalayan Edible Fine salt is the finest of its form. It is exempted from harmful chemicals and beneficial for health. The Himalayan fine Salt also stores vibration energy. Click below to find out more.

Pink Himalayan Granulate Salt

Pink Himalayan granulate salt is extracted from the pure Himalayan range. We at Super Foods PVT LTD. offering the finest quality salt for your everyday usage.
Click below to find out more.

White Himalayan Edible Fine salt

White salt is also commonly used as table salt and its other uses are also the same as that of pink salt. However, there is a slight difference in the level of purity between the two with the former being the purest.

White Himalayan Edible Granulate salt

Himalayan Crystal/white Salt is the purest form of salt crystals in the world. We know this because Himalayan salt has been on the earth for over 250 million years. It’s truly toxin-free.

Salt Lamps

We also produce Salt Crafts which brings the world’s best real Himalayan Crystal Rock salt lamps. Cooking slabs, soaps, inhalers, etc. We supplying all over the world on a timely basis according to customer’s requirements.

Supure Ginger & Garlic Paste

Now we have also introduced supure ginger and garlic paste which is totally hygienic with no added color. A Perfect Blend for your Dish.
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Lick Salt

Himalayan Salt licks are the perfect salt nutrition and mineral supplement for cattle, horses, and other livestock. With all the essential nutrients needed by the animal at all life stages, they are an essential part of daily feed. Salt licks are especially important in harsh weather and environments with poor availability of the much needed nutrients, as well as elements such as phosphorus, sodium, calcium, iron, zinc and other trace elements required for bone, muscle and other formation in animals.


Super Foods Pvt. Ltd. entered in business in 1996

With quality and efficiency, we have achieved huge clientele all over the globe. Super Food’s network has expanded to almost 100 + cities officially. Whereas we are still exploring and willing to expand more.

Production Capacity
500M Ton
Exporting Countries
Existing Clientele
Work Force
500 People